Saturday, 16 January 2016

'Mythology by Moonlight' - update about March 2016 Takeover event by Matthew Arnold School students

A big focus for the Pitt Rivers Education team is the forthcoming Mythology by Moonlight evening Takeover event on Saturday 5 March 2016 (6-9pm).

The event is being organised and run by a group of students from Matthew Arnold School in Oxford, who came up with the Mythology theme. We have invited college and university students to run public events at Pitt Rivers Museum before, but this is the first time we have invited a group of students aged 14 – 18 to programme and run an event - so we are excited!

The event will be a celebration of myths from various cultures that are represented by objects in the museum. Haida mythology, in particular stories about Raven, are going to be a key focus of the evening. The myths link with several Haida museum objects that depict Raven. You can find out more about Haida Raven myths here

Here are some objects from the Pitt Rivers collection that depict Raven:

Ivory carving of a raven's head with a human figure
in the beak 1884.58.5 © Pitt Rivers Museum

Horn spoon depicting a whale, thunderbird, frog, Raven
transforming and a human 1917.53.283 © Pitt Rivers Museum

Raven Transformation mask closed (top) and open (bottom)
 1891.49.8 © Pitt Rivers Museum

House pole ('Totem pole') carved with raven, bear,
human, bird and frog 1901.39.1© Pitt Rivers Museum

Find out more about Haida collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum here.

Now that the event is less than two months away we are focusing on working together on the details of planning to make sure that everything is in place. Our planning meetings range from discussions about the production of the films that the students will make especially for screening at the event, to the event poster and ticket sales.

Last week we had a project meeting at the museum attended by the four Sixth Form students who have been working closely on the project. Once mock exams are over for Year 11 and Year 13 next week the whole group will meet again at school.

Students and Pitt Rivers staff discussing the poster design for Mythology by Moonlight event on 5 March 2016
© Pitt Rivers Museum
This project is the beginning of what will become the Pitt Rivers Youth Action Team. We hope to run more events like this in the future, as well as other special Pitt Rivers-related activities created by young people, so if you are interested in joining the team get in touch with Katherine: or call 01865 270927.

All are welcome to come on the night (Saturday 5 March 2016 6-9pm)! The event is ticketed. Tickets will go on sale soon – watch this space!
Katherine Rose
Education Officer (Secondary and FE)

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  1. My son will turn 1 next month. Planning to host an outdoor party and looking for a medium sized event space as will be inviting everyone. Thinking to do all decoration of my own, so finding a venue which allows it.